Make live data-work for your creativity.
DataCook is an auto-generated contents platform.
Simply, it lets you create new contents algorithmically whenever new data is updated. As examples, it updates the contents of the web and designs automatically. Furthermore, it can be applied for data-driven artwork, auto-generated IOT, or sending out alarms for a specific situation.

Plug-in your city.
We believe knowledge of open data and how to be creative with them is very important to our next society. We hope to connect these live datasets easily to creative projects such as websites and IOT. Our Team focuses on collecting open data sets from cities all over the world to connect creativity; Not just for only special tech groups but, for every layperson who is creative.

Let's cook data together.
We welcome everyone who wants to do creative data projects. They could be web designers, front-end developers, data specialists, artists, writers, makers and more! Let’s explore innovative and exciting ways to use open data together. If you have the basic understanding of CSS/HTML or Javascript, it will be easy to participate. Join now! If you don’t know the basic CSS/HTML or Javascript, don’t worry! You can start to learn today.